The 4 Best Table Saws Under $600 [Updated for 2022]

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Table saws are some of the biggest workhorses in any craftsperson’s workshop. These powerful tools can be used to cut through large quantities of lumber, piping, and even metals. They are some of the most versatile tools you can get, and they are critical for running a productive professional workshop, even as a hobbyist.

Although that doesn’t mean that you have all the money in the world to spend on your table saw, it certainly doesn’t mean that you should compromise and settle for a less efficient tool just to stay in-budget.

These affordable saw designs are fantastic if you’re looking for something a little more powerful and versatile but don’t want to spend the money on a truly premium tool. We’ve selected tools that are designed for professional use, which means they are versatile, durable, and designed for flexibility.

Let’s get started.

DeWalt specializes in highly powerful and versatile tools that come with only a middling price tag. They also offer a standard warranty that’s great for assuring you that you’ll get the value you need out of their tools.

DeWalt is also known for the consistent performance offered by their tools of all kinds, which is fantastic since you know that your table saw will work just as well years from now as it does when you first take it out of the box.

This standard size table saw is a great option thanks to its large rip capacity and the wide variety of compatible blades. The different blade designs and materials are great for added versatility since this motor is powerful enough to cut through most materials.

This saw also comes with its own stand for added portability, with wheels that make it easier to transport from place to place as needed.

This saw also offers a wide variety of quality of life improvements that add to its versatility dado compatibility, an easy to use rack and pinion telescoping system, and more than 3 inches of cutting depth all add to this table saw’s power and performance.



Our Verdict

This DeWalt saw is affordable and it offers a little bit of everything. It’s designed for greater efficiency and torque, as well as being easy to adjust. The Dado compatibility makes it easier to create customized cuts and more professional finishes more quickly. These are some of the reasons why this table saw our list of best table saws under $1,000 as well.

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Metabo’s 10-inch table saw might be more affordable than many jobsite saws, but its design offers greater performance than you’d typically expect in this price range.

This saw is one of the heavier options in its price range, coming in just under 100 lbs. combined between the weight of the saw and the saw’s stand.

This saw comes with a wheeled stand with folding legs for greater portability. The legs kick out just slightly from the profile of the saw, which is important for adding greater stability to the design and preventing it from turning over or wobbling.

This stand and saw configuration is also slightly more secure than most because the stand is designed specifically to hold the saw in place, unlike universal stands which may not fit as well.

The saw itself also includes up to 28 inches of outfeed support for larger materials and long cuts. It’s designed to fold back into the saw easily, minimizing the space your saw takes up when the outfeed support isn’t in use.

With a 15-amp motor and the ability to bevel up to 45 degrees in either direction, this saw offers relatively powerful cutting ability. It’s also compatible with most standard 10-inch blades, which means that you can cut a huge variety of materials simply by changing out your blade.

It’s also a nice bonus that this saw comes with a power 40 tooth carbide tipped blade for precision cutting and better cutting efficiency. This isn’t a cheap started blade, instead, they’ve opted to provide you with the kind of professional blade you need to create a high-quality finish, saving you time and money by helping you get to work that much faster.



Our Verdict

This affordable and mobile table saw might be a little heavier than some jobsite saws, but that comes with the addition of added stability, a more stable outfeed support system, and a better starting blade than you can get with most saws in this price range. Overall, it’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for an affordable but powerful jobsite motor.

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If you’re looking for a jobsite table saw that doesn’t come with its own saw stand, this is it. It’s a good option to sit on top of a worktable in your home workshop, smaller for easier transport between different jobsites, and will work with most universal table saw stands.

Since this is a DeWalt saw it receives the same standard DeWalt warranty as well as the assurance that you’re buying your saw from a high-quality manufacturer that stands by the quality of their tools and designs.

Despite the more compact design of this saw you still get an impressive 24.5 inches of rip capacity, which is slightly more than the average for a smaller saw in this design style.

This saw does also use a slightly smaller blade, but the blade position and power motor mean that you have more cutting depth space than many table saws with 8 ¼ inch blades.

The durable metal roll cage design also makes this saw a lot more jobsite durable than a lot of alternatives. The open-sided frame does mean that you may need to clean the internal mechanisms a little more often, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about the thinner metal on the side of your frame denting or scratching over time.

Onboard storage lets you store accessories like your table saw push block and blade guard when they aren’t in use. That storage makes moving the saw from place to place much easier.



Our Verdict

This DeWalt saw is a great option if you’re looking for a smaller alternative to a standard 10 in table saw, don’t mind getting a saw without a saw stand, and want a highly efficient motor system. It’s great for professionals who are looking to get great value from their saw, and from hobbyists who want something a little more powerful than most. Best of all this table saw is the best table saw under $500 that you can buy right now.

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Skilsaw’s Worm Drive system provides some of the best torque performance for the power in their class. This line of saws is excellent for professionals who regularly work with hardwoods and heavier materials. They are also a good option for tough cutting like metal, tile, and stone.

That’s because the worm drive increases the torque above what you would expect for motors in their power class, so a smaller portable jobsite saw like this is a good option for anyone who needs to be able to cut tough material quickly.

Plumbers, construction professionals, and contractors will all benefit from this design.

Its rack and pinion beveling system is easy to use and makes it simple to make quick adjustments between cuts.

The fence system on this saw is also a little heavier, which helps with providing the stability you need for those heavier denser materials. It’s still easy to adjust and change your rip capacity but offers greater stability than lighter versions.



Our Verdict

When power is your primary concern it’s hard to go wrong with a Skilsaw Worm Drive. This portable design is efficient, effective, and versatile, while still being lightweight enough to take from location to location with ease.

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Buyer’s Guide for Table Saws

Motor Power and Cutting Ability

Almost all motors in this class of table saw are going to be 15 Amp motors. It’s important to look for at least a 15 Amp motor because the more powerful your motor the more torque it offers. Essentially high-powered motors translate to greater cutting ability and faster cutting speeds. Both are a huge advantage if you want to be efficient and save time working on a job.

While relatively few saws in this category will have a more powerful motor, some will have improvements that provide greater torque for the same power.

Greater torque translates to better cutting power, especially with hard materials like tile, hardwoods, pressure-treated woods, and other more difficult materials.

Of course, your motor isn’t the only thing that determines your cutting ability. The kind of blade you’re using also has a significant impact on saw performance. Try to match the blade to whatever it is you’re cutting and try improving the quality of the materials if you’re having cutting power issues.

Safety Features

Safety features are some of the most important features of your saw, so it’s critical to take these features into account when you’re trying to pick a new table saw. The most critical is the blade guard since it helps preserve the blade as well as protecting your materials and your hands.

At a minimum, your saw should also have a rip fence to provide additional stability and security while you’re cutting. A good attachment system to help prevent the fence from moving is also critical, and there should be a little weight behind the fence as well.

Some saws will also come with an added safety switch or key to help prevent accidentally turning on the saw when you don’t need to.

While safety switches are generally considered optional they become more important if you’re intending to use the saw in a crowded workshop or a busy jobsite.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories, like included blades, push sticks, miter gauges, and dust collection systems all increase the value of your saw but don’t necessarily come standard. Extras like these are important not only in that they save you money but because including those extras can often help differentiate dedicated manufacturers who stand behind their tools from manufacturers who don’t put as much thought or care into their designs.

Today most tools will come with only the accessories that are considered critical to using the tool safely and effectively, but included accessories are often more effective than universal accessories that weren’t designed for your specific saw such as portable table saw stands.


In the $600 or less price range most table saws will be able to bevel, but not truly all of them. Beveling in this price range usually only reaches up to 45 degrees, and you may only be able to bevel the blade in one direction.

However, there are a few saws within this price range that are more versatile, and it’s usually worth paying a little more to get those more advanced blade assemblies because they are more efficient and work better in other respects as well as beveling.

The Takeaway

When it comes to overall versatility and improved saw performance there’s a clear winner here. The DeWalt (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw is the most versatile for professional use, especially as a portable jobsite saw and as an excellent table saw for beginners. While all of the saws on this list are effective, DeWalt’s full size 10-inch table saw simply offers a little more in terms of both performance and flexibility. If you’re constricted by your budget and want to look at cheaper table saws, check out some of the best table saws under $200 that we love.

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