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The 6 Best Circular Saws with Dust Collection [Updated for 2022]

Last Updated on February 8, 2022 by Paul King

Circular saws can be some of the most versatile saws in your collection. They are easy to use and effective for a wide range of cutting projects. Many circular saws are significantly more portable than other similarly powerful saws.

A hand-held circular saw is certainly a lot easier to move from place to place than a table saw!

Having a dust collection system can make your job a lot easier since it keeps the area clear and makes it easier to see.

In this review we’ve looked at some of the best circular saws with dust collection systems, evaluated the best and worst features to help you find not only the best circular saw, but the one that’s right for you and your workshop.

Makita saws generally perform well in head to head competitions with their competitors, and this saw is no exception. Its moderate size and efficient design work together to make this saw easy to use and effective.

The dust collection system is also one of the better features of the saw. Too many saws have a dust collection system that only picks up a small amount of sawdust, or only from an incredibly localized area.

Instead of those systems, which usually aren’t very effective, the Makita 5057KB circular saw uses a dust collection system designed to minimize the amount of sawdust that escapes the area around the saw.

The beveling system on this saw also works well, adjusting between 0-45 degrees quickly and without a fuss. The shaft lock system also works easily. It allows for swift blade changes with minimal difficulty.

This circular saw also comes with a well-designed rip fence to make perfectly straight cuts significantly easier. That means that this saw can function as a replacement for a table saw for small to moderately long cuts. Versatility is one of the most important aspects of a circular saw, and Makita has made this saw one of the most versatile options out there.

It’s also nice to see that the blade guard is retractable, which makes plunge cuts possible with this saw as well.



Our Verdict

The Makita 5057KB is one of the more flexible circular saws out there, powerful enough to handle most materials up to the maximum depth possible for the size of its blade. It’s efficient beveling and blade change systems make it easier to adjust, while the dust collection system helps prevent sawdust from flying everywhere as you work. Overall, a great saw, and a good collection of additional features to make it more versatile.

Our Rating


DeWalt is another company that has a reputation for creating particularly effective and durable power tools. Their designs are incredibly practical, usually more powerful than average for their class, and last for years.

The 7 ¼ inch circular saw is reasonably durable, but it has a collection of additional features that easily make this saw one of the best circular saws with a dust collection system.

To start, the 15-amp motor that comes with this circular saw provides plenty of torque and rotating power to make it simple to cut through almost any material, assuming you have the right blade for the job.

In addition to the powerful motor system, this corded circular saw also uses an electric brake to stop the blade faster after the trigger has been released. The braking system can bring the blade to a complete stop only 2-3 seconds after the trigger has been released.

That can be critical for preventing accidents and injuries in a busy workshop.

However, the dust collection system on this saw is a little different from the Makita model we’ve already discussed. It uses a dust blower instead of suction. That moves the sawdust away from the blade and keeps your view clear, but it doesn’t do as much to collect the dust or make it easier to clean up once you’ve finished.



Our Verdict

This design from DeWalt might not make cleaning your workshop much easier, but it’s an incredibly effective tool that does a good job of making your work easier. Its electric braking system works as a good additional safety measure, while the powerful motor gives you the torque you need to cut through almost any material. It’s a good circular saw for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between.

Our Rating


Metabo, also known as Hitachi, is another company with a solid reputation for reliable tool manufacturing. They’re known for making powerful and consistent tools, which is one of the reasons we were excited to look at their 7 ¼” circular saw for this list.

The integrated dust blower in this system is a little more powerful than average, which helps keep dust out of your work area. The design is simple, but it’s effective, even if it won’t help keep your workshop any cleaner.

This saw also uses a 15-amp motor (as do most of the saws on this list), but it makes more efficient use of that power, which is why this saw can boast an impressive 6,000 rpm unloaded top speed. That’s more than enough rotation to handle just about any cutting material thin enough to work with the blade. You just need to make sure you have the right kind of blade for the material you’re cutting.

The included blade is also significantly better than the average included saw blade. It’s 24 teeth are good for precision cutting, but it’s also a powerful and more aggressive design for ripping through wood.

The single-handed bevel adjustment system makes it easier to change the bevel between cuts, without having to put down the saw or lose a lot of time doing it. Just stop the blade, make the adjustment you need, and get back to cutting.



Our Verdict

This design might not be revolutionary, but it’s compact, highly efficient, and offers good power for the money. Its higher RPM means greater versatility, regardless of what blade design you’re using, while no-slip grip points and effective blade guards help keep you safer while you work. Put together it’s a solid design for any workshop.

Our Rating


Skil is a brand known for making the most of the power in their systems, giving you powerful tools with a little more oomph, without actually increasing the electricity needed to run the saw.

This design provides good RPM (5,300) for the power of the 15 Amp motor. While it’s not the most powerful of the saws on this list, it’s not far from the best either. The design is simple but effective.

This saw may be one of the most beginner-friendly designs on the list as well. Its laser guide is an effective tool that makes it much easier to see where you’re cutting and to ensure that you’ll be able to cut in a straight line.

The Skil 7 ¼ inch circular saw design also has a particularly effective beveling system that allows you to move the blade up to 51 degrees. That’s wider than many circular saws and means that this saw can work effectively for professionals as well as beginners.

This system also comes equipped with a dust blower instead of a suction system, but its overall effectiveness makes it a good design even though it won’t collect the dust for you. The system helps improve visibility and make it easier to see what you’re doing. The lower guard on the blade also keeps you safer while you’re working, particularly working to prevent snags and kickback when you’re cutting off small sections.



Our Verdict

Skil has done a good job making a versatile saw that works well regardless of the skill of the user. Its effective design provides plenty of visibility and safety systems, while also providing enough power to cut through a wide range of materials.

Our Rating


Rockwell has come up with something a little different with this circular saw. Its ultra-compact design is incredibly portable and easy to take from place to place, even though it’s smaller. This design is a great addition to your toolset if you’re looking for something that can handle small projects and detail work, or if you’re looking for a smaller saw that you can take from job site to job site as needed.

This system’s 4-amp motor is completely in line with the rest of the saw’s design. It’s no load top speed is 3,500 rpm. That’s enough to cut through most materials, including tile, flooring, and other difficult materials.

The pivoting metal guard on this saw also makes it particularly effective for plunge cuts, without needing a lot of setup.

The dust extraction system helps limit how much sawdust you produce while you’re working. It helps keep the cutting line clear of dust, which helps improve your visibility while you’re working. The laser guide system helps you see where the blade is going.

This saw still comes with a slim ergonomic grip designed to help give you better leverage and control over the direction of the blade while you’re working. That additional control helps keep you safe. It also makes this mini circular saw one of the best options for precision work.



Our Verdict

This saw might not be the first thing you think of when you think of a circular saw, but it’s the ultimate in a portable and compact saw. The design is light, easy to take from place to place, and designed to work with a wide range of materials. Overall, it’s a good saw to work in addition to your other circular saw or to work on its own for smaller detailed sawing.

Our Rating


This saw might be designed for fiber cement, but it’s good for a lot more than that. Its design is simple, but also highly effective. Like most of the saws on our list, this design uses a 15-amp motor to make sure you have all the torque and power you need.

The real standout feature of this saw is its copper motor. Dual copper windings double the surface area, which in turn makes it easier for the motor to shed heat and helps prevent overheating while you’re working. Its copper design is also much longer-lasting than other kinds of motor, which in turn means that you can expect this saw to last longer on average as well.

A steady footplate with room to accommodate the blade at up to a 45-degree bevel also works to make this design more effective and generally safer to use. The blade itself can bevel even further when you need it to, up to 53 degrees in total.

This saw also comes with a longer than average cord. The power cord measures a full 10 feet, which gives you a lot of room to work with in your workshop and anywhere else you take the saw. The hose sleeve works to protect the cord and also helps to prevent tangling and snagging while you’re working.



Our Verdict

This saw might not have Skilsaw’s patented Worm Drive powering it, but it’s still plenty powerful for its size and design. This saw’s longer power cord and wide beveling system are easy to use and give you a lot of flexibility in your workshop. Its dust collection system is one of the better options available, and uses suction rather than blowing the dust away, which makes it easier to work with.

Our Rating


Dust Collection Circular Saw Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the best circular saws with dust collection systems out there, let’s look at what makes these saws stand out. This buying guide will help you choose the right saw for you whether it’s one of the saws we’ve included on our list or a different saw that you find on your own.

Dust Collection

Every saw on this list has some kind of dust management system, and they fall into two broad categories, suction and blowing systems.

Dust blowers are significantly more common. They tend to be easier to make, easier to use, and just as effective for clearing your workspace. A dust blower also usually needs less maintenance than a suction system because you don’t have to empty them.

However, dust collection systems collect and contain the sawdust. That means you don’t have to worry about breathing in as much sawdust, and you’ll have less clean up when you’re done. However, they can contribute to overheating if you don’t empty the collection chamber often enough.

Motor Power

Most circular saws should have a 15-amp motor. However, slightly less powerful 14-amp motors work as well, as long as the rest of the system is well optimized.

The only exceptions are for smaller than average circular saws like the miniature Rockwell model we included on this list. They don’t need as much power since they are a smaller machine with a smaller blade, but it’s important to make sure the blade RPM doesn’t drop below 3,000 unloaded speed.

That’s the minimum threshold for effective cutting and an efficient design that can handle a wide range of materials. Below that RPM you’re looking at a saw that’s only good for a very limited set of materials, likely less than you’ll need.


Anymore most circular saws will have some kind of beveling system. They’re common enough that you shouldn’t choose a saw based on which ones can bevel and which ones can’t. Instead, look for saws that have a foot designed to bevel since a sturdy foot is critical for safety.

A standard beveling system will move the blade up to 45 degrees. That’s good, but better saws often offer extended beveling, up to 53 degrees. You won’t use the full extension on the beveling system much, but it’s nice to have the ability when you need it.

Don’t settle for systems with a more limited range than 45 degrees unless you’re certain you don’t need the added flexibility.

Safety Systems

At a minimum, your saw should have a good blade guard on the top. A guard along the bottom is less common, but it’s a good addition if you’re looking at doing a lot of detailed work or need to cut short pieces of material off.

Electric brakes are one of the better additions to your saw in terms of improving safety. They stop the blade within a couple of seconds of releasing the trigger, which can help avert accidents and prevent injury while you’re working.

The Takeaway

While we stand behind all of the saws on this list, there are some that work a little better than others. Of all of them, we’d have to say that the Makita 5057KB 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Dust Collector is the most effective overall.

This design’s powerful dust collection system is a great help in your workshop, while the motor’s design is effective and efficient. It’s got enough power to cut almost anything you need it to, with a good combination of safety features to help prevent accidents.

That said if this saw doesn’t meet your needs or doesn’t have the features you’re looking for like an electric brake or a smaller blade, one of the other saws on our list should work well.

Paul King

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