The 5 Best Table Saws Under $200 [Updated for 2022]

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Table saws are one of the most basic power tools you need in your workshop. Having a great table saw makes your job a lot easier and can help you create customized edging and cut down on the work you need to create a professional finish.

Getting a great table saw doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. These affordable table saws all offer great performance for the price and will get your shop up and running.

Rockwell’s team of tool experts help the company create some of the best purpose-built tools you can get. They know what professional craftspeople actually need in their workshops and design their tools to match.

That means that even their more affordable tools, like this table saw, are highly specialized and effective.

This portable table saw weighs a slim 17 lbs., which makes it incredibly easy to move from place to place. It’s a good option as a portable jobsite saw since the more compact design makes it simple to pack into your vehicle and take in and out. It’s also great for workshops that are a little tight on space.

Additionally, the smaller design and handled top makes it simple to move from place to place, perfect for when you need to put your table saw in storage when you aren’t using it.

The BladeRunner X2 is also a good option if you have multiple people working in your workshop and need to use shared tools.

Despite the smaller size of this tabletop saw, it performs more like a standard tabletop saw. It’s full size riving knife and standard guard system mean that you aren’t as limited in your cutting options as other small size table saws.

The miter gauge included with this set gives you a relatively wide range of angle options, everything between 0-60 degrees. Onboard storage also gives you space for the miter gauge, rip fence, and your other cutting accessories to make it easier to move from place to place.

Those accessories are even more important since this table saw’s biggest weakness is that the blade does not have any bevel option, so you can’t tilt the blade for a controlled angled cut directly at the blade.

The saw also arrives almost completely assembled so that you can get to work in minutes instead of hours.

The tool-less blade replacement system is also incredibly easy to use and saves workshop time every time you need a new blade or a different style.



Our Verdict

This smaller table saw is a great option if you’re looking for something that offers full-size power and adaptability but is smaller, lighter and easier to move from place to place. It’s a great saw for professionals who need to bring their tools to their jobsites with them, but it’s also great for hobbyists who need to maximize the power and versatility of their limited space.

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Worx is another company whose tools come a little more affordably than the bigger name brands, but that have been built for performance and excellence despite the lower price point. They are dependable, well-designed, and easy to use.

This smaller portable model is a great option if you’re looking for a jobsite saw or something to move from place to place in your workshop at home. It’s even a good idea for shared workspaces that need portable smaller tools in addition to or instead of larger table saws and tools.

This table saw is also one of the lightest options on the market, weighing in at just under 15 lbs. That means it’s easy to move around. The smaller design is also a good idea for jobsite professionals with smaller vehicles or who need a lot of space for other tools and job materials.

This saw comes with both a steel rip fence and a riving knife that are designed for maximum efficiency. The combination means that you can make straighter longer cuts than you would expect on a saw this size.

It also comes with a fairly flexible miter gauge, with 0-60 degrees of adjustability. That’s more adjustment than you see on a lot of miter gauges designed for full-size saws, but it’s an important adaptation here because this saw is also without a beveling function.

The added safety switch and safety key also provide an extra layer of security to help prevent accidental starts. Those adaptations are great if you’re working in a busy workshop or at a crowded jobsite because it helps reduce the odds of an accident.

This saw also includes a dust extraction port, though it doesn’t actually come with a vacuum or other attachment to help prevent dust buildup. It’s just designed so that it’s easy to add a dust extraction system when needed, but not as an integral part of the tool as manufactured.

This Worx saw also comes with 5 different styles of blades. While the blades aren’t necessarily top of the line materials, they are still a great way to get started and to see what kind of blade options you have available with this saw.



Our Verdict

This powerful saw has the motor power you need to cut through harder materials like tile and even piping, which is especially impressive given its small size and compact design. This saw is well designed for professional craftspeople of all stripes, not just carpenters and woodworkers.

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This tiny (5lbs!) circular saw is a good option if you’re looking for a budget saw for small projects, or to fill the gaps in cutting ability that your larger saw just can’t handle. It’s great for detailed work, especially for professionals that specialize in smaller products, or who do a lot of detailed finishing work and decoration on their projects.

This saw is also a good option if you’re looking for something that can work on computer components and other incredibly detailed work. While it’s cutting depth is a matter of millimeters, not inches, this is still a powerful saw option.

We’d recommend this saw primarily as an additional tool rather than a standalone. It’s not really designed to be a carpenter’s full time saw, but it’s good for veneering work and other highly precise details.

The one real issue with this saw is that it is made from slightly less durable materials than most larger professional saws. The work surface is made from perfectly planed aluminum, which is a great touch, but most of the rest of the housing is made from a hardened plastic. Plastic works well enough, but it does mean that you need to be more careful when you’re transporting this saw or working with heavy tools around it.

However, this saw does have a surprisingly wide range of blades, from carbide-tipped options through to regular wood ripping blades, with toothier designs and many material options in the middle.

This smaller design and standard 120v plug help increase the durability and longevity of the saw. The motor is long-lasting on average and works well for the kinds of detailed work it’s designed to handle.



Our Verdict

While this saw might not be a great standalone tool, it is a powerful option if you’re looking to get into more detailed work that can’t be completed on a larger circular saw with any level of safety. Think of this as an accessory tool and you’ll be in good shape to start providing incredibly detailed work.

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This steel alloy miniature circular saw is another incredibly affordable and well-designed tool if you’re looking for something that can handle detail work you can’t do on a larger saw.

This smaller design is simple, but it comes with an upgraded steel alloy top that makes it more durable and long-lasting. It’s an especially important upgrade if you’re looking to cut thin sheet metals, wiring, or computer components.

Unlike the other miniature saw we’ve already reviewed; this saw uses a steel unibody frame to provide added protection to the internal components. If you need a miniature saw on your jobsites this saw is a good option thanks to its more durable design.

The ball bearing motor is also designed to help provide more power for less noise. That quieter operation is especially helpful when you’re working in a crowded shop.

Blade changes and adjustments are also easy with this saw design. There are a lot of different blade styles that you can use with this saw for a greater variety of applications. Being able to adjust the blade up and down also makes it much easier to work with different materials and a wider range of material sizes. Cutting depth is still measured in millimeters with this saw, but you’ve got a few more of them to spare than many of the alternatives.



Our Verdict

This miniature circular saw is fantastic if you’re looking for an option that’s easy to use, relatively durable, and makes it a lot easier to get the kind of small precision cutting you need.

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Unlike a lot of the other table saws on this list, this Goplus saw is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s a little larger and a little more like the more expensive saws in function and appearance.

This saw comes with its own stand that’s designed to have a lot of durability and stability while you’re working. That also means that this saw is a good bit heavier than the other saws we’ve talked about so far. It’s less of a mobile design, though still light enough to work as a jobsite saw if needed.

Saw and saw stand together weigh 46 lbs. That’s fairly hefty if you’re trying to move it around a workshop, but the added weight can actually add stability if you’re looking for a jobsite saw.

This saw also has a full-size 10-inch blade. Plus, it’s the only saw on this list that has beveling capabilities, with the power to tile up to 45 degrees in either direction.

This saw also comes with one of the better blades we’ve seen included with a saw. Its carbide tipped with 36 teeth for better cutting power and precision.

The addition of a miter gauge that also has adjustment potential up to 45 degrees gives you a powerful range of cutting angles to be able to create the right angle and finish in a single cut.

The on-bench storage system is easy to use and has enough space for the accessories and saw equipment you need.



Our Verdict

Although this saw is slightly above the budgeted amount in this range, if you’re looking for a powerful table saw that’s relatively affordable but still delivers customizability and cutting power, this saw is a good option. Its larger size gives you more cutting versatility. It’s also a highly adjustable system including the option to lift and adjust blade placement. Overall, this ergonomic table saw is easy to use, affordable, and effective.

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Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve talked about the saws themselves, let’s take a look at the features that make for a great table saw and how you can choose the right feature combination for your workshop.

Safety Features

Safety features should be one of your first considerations when you’re buying a new table saw. Mishandled table saws can quickly lead to severe injuries, so it’s important to get a saw you know can keep you safe.

Stability and a flat working surface are two of the most important considerations because a wobbly table saw can be a risk even with all the other safety devices in place.

A good table saw will also always come with a blade guard that helps protect the blade and protect your hands while the saw is in use. Good blade guards are usually see-through so that you can monitor the cutting area closely.

Some saws will also have a safety switch or key that locks the blade so that you can’t accidentally switch it on without meaning to. These switches are great for busy environments but may be less important for craftspeople who typically work on their own.

You should also consider your rip fence a safety feature since it adds a lot of the stability and strength you need while cutting. Look for a rip fence with a little extra weight to it and a good clamping system. That will help make the fence more adjustable while also providing the stability you need.

Motor Power

Most full-size saws should have at least 15 amp motors, but the smaller saws on this list can generally get away with slightly less powerful motors a lot of the time because they are cutting much thinner and smaller materials.

Amp power roughly translates to cutting power, though the performance of your saw is also impacted by how sharp or dull your blade is and what material it’s made from. Shape and number of teeth also matter for cutting performance.

But, without changing your blade, a higher amp motor will have more torque and greater cutting power than a motor designed for less power. So, if you’re looking for a more powerful motor, look for a 15-amp (or greater) model.

Bevel System

Beveling is the ability to tilt the blade in the cutting area to get the specific angle of finish you need on any project. Beveling systems are incredibly handy, especially if you’re looking at a larger saw, but they tend to be one of the first things eliminated when you’re looking for a smaller more compact design or a more affordable design.

That’s because you need a lot more parts and precision to increase the mobility of a blade assembly, so beveling immediately increases the cost of the saw.

Fortunately, there are some affordable saws (like the last one we’ve included on this list) that have better blade mobility than you would expect, so you can include beveling on your list of must-have features in almost any price range.

Size is a more limiting factor than budget. Miniature saws and detail saws rarely have beveling capability, which makes it that much more important to have a great miter gauge.

Dado Compatibility

Dado cutting is one of those features that professionals love, but that can be hard to come by in more affordable saw systems. Dado cutting requires you to be able to add several blades, often of different shapes, materials, and configurations onto the same saw and run them all at once.

Dado compatible saws let you create custom edges and add decorative elements to your projects in a single cutting motion.

That customization saves you a lot of time and effort over the life of your saw, so it’s worth investing a little more for a Dado compatible saw.

Dust Collection Systems

Some saws come equipped with a dust collection system built in that you can turn on with a simple switch on the side of the saw. However, in this price range, it’s much more common to see saws that are compatible with dust collection/dust elimination systems rather than saws that actually have a dust collection system installed.

The most basic kinds of dust collection systems are basically just vacuuming with a nozzle placed close to the cutting surface to help collect any sawdust and larger particles that come off while you’re using the saw.

The biggest complication with dust collection systems is that a lot of them are prone to getting clogged and becoming less effective as they are used. It’s good to look for a dust collection system that’s relatively powerful, with a wide nozzle and a system to help make cleaning out the hose easier and more efficient.

The Takeaway

While all of these saws are highly effective and offer great performance for the price, we’d have to choose the Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw RK7323 as the best option overall for both professionals and as a great table saw for beginners. It’s smaller and more portable design help give it greater flexibility than most of the other options on this list. It’s larger than the miniature saws on this list, which means it works better for more standard size materials and projects, but its lightweight and durable design also mean that it’s up to jobs bigger than you would expect from such a lightweight construction.

The addition of a scroll saw function also means that this saw is more versatile than many of the larger standard tabletop saws in this price range, and opens up entirely new avenues in the kind of work you can do with this saw. If you have some wiggle room in your budget, we also recommend giving the Goplus Table Saw a chance as well. Although heavier, it is a sturdier saw that can handle bigger projects than the others on this list.

If your budget can extend out a bit further, you can check out some of our favorite table saws under $500, $600, & $1,000

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