The 5 Best Ladders For Painting [Updated for 2021]

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When it comes to selecting the right ladder for your painting project, you need to be informed. Whether you’re a single person doing a few quick home repairs, or a fully operational painting business employing dozens for workers, you need to be able to rely on your ladders.

While ladders aid its users in painting walls and ceilings and will speed up the time it takes to finish a project, sometimes buying just any ladder won’t help you. At best, you will waste your time and money. If you choose the wrong ladder, you cause your team or yourself to slow down the speed of a project, or accidentally cause serious harm to a person.

So we here at Renovation Dojo have written an in-depth guide for you so you can learn about the best painting ladders that are available now. This buying guide will ensure that you purchase the right ladder that fulfills all your needs for your painting projects. So please read our in-depth guide so you can figure out how to choose the best ladder to satisfy your painting needs.

Step Ladders For Painting

When you have to work in a small space, and a full-sized ladder won’t fit in smaller areas, then consider purchasing a stepladder. Usually lightweight, cheaper, and meant for around the house, stepladders can improve your daily chores as well as your home painting projects.

After using your stepladder, it can be stored neatly in a closet, underneath a table, or in a supply space. Painting step ladders are made to be lightweight, so you won’t have trouble carrying it around home or buildings while painting. And you won’t be too far from the ground while you’re on the stepladder, so you’ll have an easier time to reach your painting tool on nearby tables and counters.

Small, heavy-duty, and lightweight, the Flip-N-Lite ladder is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice. Durable and built to last, you won’t be able to find a more reliable stepladder for the same price. Available in 4, 5, 6 feet, you can’t find a more portable stepladder. Built with an aluminum structure, it can handle any person’s weight plus a heavy load without bending or tilting over.

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The Flip-N-light Step-ladder is excellent for those who have large painting projects but do not have much room for storage. It is designed to be compact and lightweight and is definitively one of the best step ladders on the market today.

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Platform Ladders for Interior Painting

If you need extra stability while you paint, then you should buy a platform ladder. Built for balance and for remaining in one area for long periods, you will be comfortable as you work on long indoor projects with ease. If you own a business, this type of ladder can assure your employees of their safety, as it won’t break or collapse while they’re on the top step. Built for long projects inside homes or buildings, platform ladders are made to be supportive and comfortable. They tend to be higher than other ladders so that they can be used on taller walls and higher ceilings.

Specifically designed to be used inside homes or buildings, this ladder from Louisville is durable and will last throughout the years. It has a shelf designed to hold an assortment of tools while keeping them within reach, so you can keep both of your hands empty and free to use. The bracing on the steps and sides is layered with reinforcements. It is designed to handle heavy weights.

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The Louisville Platform Ladder’s construction put tools first. At the top of the ladder, you’ll find that the shelf is built with grooves and holes to place your tools and paintbrushes for easy access while you work.

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Extension Ladders for Exterior Painting

When it’s time to paint outside, you need a ladder that will help you reach roofs and trims. Extension ladders are known to be more stable and stronger than platform ladders, as they are utilized in construction zones and commercial buildings. These types of ladder extend farther than standard platform ladders, so you should train yourself or your workers to use it correctly.

Painted with the classic fire engine red color, you’ll love the stability and reach of this Louisville ladder. With a heavy-duty lock for protection and a metal shield on its rails for an extra layer of safety, you or your employees can trust this ladder with your lives.
The Louisville Ladder sizes range from 16 feet to 40 feet, so you can order the exact size you need. The main design measures at 99.9 x 18.5 x 5.4 inches. It also comes with a limited warranty.

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The Louisville Extension ladder is built to be weatherproof and balanced. It is the perfect outdoor painting for large projects.

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Multi-position Ladders for Painting High Ceilings

A multi-positional ladder is a ladder that provides its users with a broader range of reach and adjustable positioning. Some multi-position ladders are designed to handle two people on each respective side. Along with multi positioning, these types of ladders can even transform into an extension ladder so you can reach a high ceiling or attic or roof. Using a multi-positional ladder can also prevent injuries as you can adjust it to meet your painting needs instead of twisting your own body and possibly losing your balance.

Little in stature and giant in possibilities, Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder can handle any job you throw at it. Reliable and beloved by many reviewers on amazon, it is the ultimate ladder to own if you are serious about your painting. It was created to work in all types of environments, from mud and rocks to stairs and even low walls and fences. At a size of 8ft x 23fet x 43 inches, the Little Giant can handle anything you throw at it.

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The Little Giant Ladder is a ladder built with the user’s safety in mind. It has a top safety record, and it complies with all OSHA and ANSI standards

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Ladders for Painting On Stairs

Painting the walls directly above a stairway is nearly impossible without some kind of help. Ladder aids were created to provide extra support and stability in areas with uneven terrain that could be dangerous if working unassisted. Ladder aids are used to create a pseudo floor, so a ladder can be used on a set of stairs without requiring more expensive machinery. It can also be used with uneven ground and rooftops that are slanted. If you don’t need the ground to be leveled, then a ladder aid can be used as an attachable shelf as it can hang off the top step. You can place your painting tools on its top for easy accessibility.

This item is not an actual ladder, but it will completely change the way you use your own ladders to paint. With the Provision Tools Extension Ladder, you can now adjust and fit your ladder to nearly every type of terrain and surface. With a ladder aid, a slanted roof, an uneven garden ground, and many other surfaces that are not safely accessible with a regular ladder are now accessible. For example, with this ladder tool you are able to use ladders on stairs safely to paint the walls. It was built to stabilize your ladder for proper balance on uneven areas to prevent users from falling and injuring themselves. It can be used with all types of ladders and both extension and platform ladders. This leveling tool is only 15.7 x 10 x 21.6 inches, so it is small enough to fit in the gaps of your ladder so it won’t take up too much space.

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The ProVisionTools Extension ladder Leveling Tool is robust, as it is reinforced and can hold up to 500lbs. Its durability makes it able to work indoors and outdoors without being damaged.

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Buyer’s Guide – Why painters need high-quality ladders

Whether you are working inside, painting the tops of the walls or a kitchen, or outside as you wash off the dirt which has accumulated for years, ladders are an essential part of any painters tool kit. Not only do ladders allow you to reach higher than you physically can, but a well-constructed ladder can also provide additional support while your complete painting projects. Each project a painter takes on has different requirements, and many painters own more than one type of ladder. Below, we have broken down the many specifications you will need to consider when selecting a ladder.

What to consider

Before you start any painting project, there will be a mental list of all the different aspects you will need to cover. When you are creating a mental checklist for a painting job, here are a few of the many questions you need to ask yourself or your boss. It is here in this stage that you will need to figure out what type of ladder will suit you and your needs.


  1. What is the terrain like? Is it smooth and flat, or is it grassy or muddy?
  2. Will the ground be balanced by itself, or do you need a ladder aid or leveling tool to provide support?
  3. How high do you need to paint?
  4. Are there other surfaces within my reach, or will you need to bring a ladder that provides its own shelf space?
  5. How heavy is all of the equipment you will be using? Do you need any special tools that will take up more space, which is already limited?
  6. How much floor space do you have? Will you be able to set up a tall ladder or only a thin small one?
  7. How long will your painting project take? If it takes longer, are the ladder’s steps comfortable to step on?


When you are assembling all of your tools for a painting project, you need to consider what type of material is best for you to do your work. In this section, we have researched the good and bad points for fiberglass vs. aluminum ladders which are the two primary materials used for painting ladders.


Known for being resistant to corrosion and rust, aluminum is excellent for outside projects. It is naturally immune to wind, mud, and rain. It is also very lightweight, so you would prefer to use an aluminum ladder over other types of ladders if you have to carry it far distances or over walls and roofs. And when the time comes to recycle your ladder after years of use, you can. It is effortless to recycle aluminum and repurpose the metal for other purposes. However, it is also an excellent conductor for electricity. So if you are working near live wires or fences, do not use an aluminum ladder.


When it comes to cost, fiberglass is very cheap. Because of the efficiency of manufacturing fiberglass, products made with fiberglass tend to be less expensive than the same products made with aluminum or steel. And fiberglass, like aluminum, is resistant to rust and corrosion. You can use a fiberglass ladder inside as well as outside. It will also keep you safe while you are near circuit boxes or live fences, as it is a poor conductor of electricity. It might not even turn hot on a summer’s day, because it doesn’t retain heat well either. Fiberglass is a robust and durable material. While only weighing a sixth of the weight as steel, it has the same strength as steel.

Select features you might need

Now here’s where you can choose which bells and whistles you need your ladder to have. Many people also select features that add extra security to their ladders so that they can avoid unnecessary bodily harm.

Locking support

A quality ladder must be able to lock its bars to provide itself from folding back up and collapsing while you are on top of it. Ladders with a double lock with support can ensure more safety, especially if you have to climb and descend it many times in one job. Even if the model of ladder you have selected already comes with it, recheck the lock before you purchase it. Make sure it is sturdy and does not look damaged. Shipping in trucks and ships often breaks products that were perfect when they were made in the factory. It is always to double-check any item before you purchase it at the register.

Shelving space

When you need space to place your tools, paints, and brushes down, Some ladders are built so that the highest ledge is wider than the bottom ones. This is so you can put your tools on it. Ladders with shelving spaces may be more expensive, but you or your workers will be grateful that you decided to spurge. Climbing up and down ladders can take its toll on the knees and hips. If your ladder doesn’t have a built-in shelf, consider purchasing a lightweight attachment for it.

Extension or Platform?

When considering whether you need to buy an extension or platform ladder, it all comes down to the height that you will be working. Platform ladders don’t rise higher than 8 feet unless you want to buy industrial ladders. Extension ladders are used by leaning the ladder towards the area you will be painting. They are most often utilized outside with buildings and walls two stories or higher. If they are used inside, it is usually in a building with high ceilings. Platform ladders provide support and shelving while extension ladders allow you to work in more elevated spaces.


No matter what you require to get the job done, there is a ladder available that will meet all of your needs. Though most ladders are resistant to wear and tear, you must always clean your ladder if it becomes dirty. Proper care and repair will extend the life of your ladder and other painting products. Proper care will also save you money. But always remember, safety is the #1 priority while using ladders. Make sure you stabilize your ladder, so it is evenly balanced, and find a partner to hold the other side of the ladder to prevent tipping. Painting is an intense job, and it is best to purchase quality equipment that will last a long time. We at Renovation Dojo pride ourselves on our in-depth guides to assist you with making informed decisions. Feel free to our many other guides whenever you need more information about our pick for the best ladders and other home improvement products.

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