Can a Ladder Be Repaired?

Whether you use your ladder on a daily basis for your job or every now and then for general DIY tasks, it will likely be one of your most valued tools. It is a piece of equipment you have to entrust with your life – therefore, it makes sense to look after it as much as possible. But what if something goes wrong with your ladder – can it be repaired?

Generally speaking, no, it’s not always a good idea to repair your own ladder. No matter how simple the materials, even if they are just wood and glue, repairing your ladder by yourself can be a reckless way of causing more damage and potential injury to those who use it. 

What’s more, if you are using a ladder as part of your job, repairing it may go against some of the compliance expected of your employer. Ladder repair services do exist, but that doesn’t always mean it is the best option to take.

Below, we’ll take a close look at why repairing a ladder isn’t necessarily the best idea, and what you need to do if your own ladder breaks at any point.

Is it safe to get your ladder repaired? 

On the whole, no, it is not safe to have a ladder repaired. We understand that a ladder can incur different types of damage – if it is simply a case where you need new rubber feet, then that’s something you can easily swap out. When it comes to weakened rungs or deterioration, however, you are looking at a wholly different scenario that is far from safe.

Even if your ladder is repaired by a professional, there is no guarantee that your ladder is now structurally sound, as it will never be as strong as it once was. Even if the repair appears to be perfect or even feasible, the risk to your safety simply is not worth it.

Of course, this can seem like a nightmare for many people, as buying a new ladder can be quite an investment. However, it is always safer to buy outright – trust us, from experience, it is safer to make the investment.

This is even the case with aluminum and fiberglass ladders, both of which can be expensive and normally weather years of use.

However, some companies and professionals will offer ladder repair services. As much as these professionals will likely know what they are doing, the cost of such a repair – as well as any lingering doubt you may have in your mind – will mean it is generally easier to buy anew. 

If you are ever unsure about the safety of your ladder, make sure to have it checked over by a professional ladder servicer on a consultation basis. Make sure to choose a no-obligation service, so you are not tied into the repair unless you are certain you need it.

How should I care for my ladder?

Multiple scenarios can cause damage to ladders; however, the destruction of your ladder will generally revolve around the material it is made from.

The best thing you can do to ensure you never need to repair or replace your ladder is, of course, to look after it. Leaving your ladder outside, for example, can subject it to harmful UV rays and moisture. As such, it is better practice to keep it under cover in your workshop, shed, or garage.

If you have been working with a ladder in the wet, remember to wipe down your ladder before storing it, taking off as much of the water as possible. Even letting the moisture dry into the ladder can easily cause damage, regardless of if it has been appropriately stored. 

Furthermore, remember to carefully wax and gel your ladder regularly if it is susceptible to UV rays (units such as fiberglass ladders, for example, are badly affected).

The longevity of your ladder can also be extended if you are simply careful with how you store or stack it. Be sure to store your ladder upright as well as under cover, and to avoid keeping anything stacked on top of it, or even against it.

When it comes to ladder care, prevention is always going to be better than the cure. Not only that, but it is certainly more cost-effective. So no, you can’t leave a fiberglass ladder outside and expect it to weather the years to come!

Should I get my ladder serviced?

Regardless of whether or not a repair is worthwhile for your ladder, it does not hurt to get a service occasionally. Ladder servicing carried out by a professional will ensure that your unit is safe and sound to continue using regularly. 

As mentioned, servicing your ladder on an inspection or consultation only basis will ensure that you can continue using your tool for the years ahead. An expert will subject your ladder to a handful of tests, and will therefore be in a position to inform you whether or not it is worth replacing your ladder outright.

Ladder servicing may not seem essential by any stretch of the imagination – however, think about your safety, and that of the people around you. If you are not sure if you need to repair or replace your ladder outright, always ask a professional in the know for further advice.


To conclude, no, ladders cannot really be repaired – at least, to the extent where you can expect them to work as they once did. Of course, some of this depends on the extent of the damage.

If you suspect that your ladder is weakening or that it is at risk of breaking, it is important to take action. Here at Renovation Dojo, in our experience, it’s always best to buy new ladders outright, where in doubt.

Even the best multi-purpose ladders are going to wear down over time, therefore, it makes sense to have a clear plan in mind.

As easy as it may seem to repair them, it simply isn’t worth the risk. Any damage to the ladder structure can be a serious risk for anyone who uses it – instead, it is better to invest in a new ladder and try to better ensure its longevity by storing properly, having it serviced, and generally maintaining it. It’s not difficult, in practice!