Werner vs Gorilla Ladders: Which One is Better?

Whether you are undertaking some home renovations or are setting up as a professional contractor, there are many reasons why investing in a reputable brand of ladder is a good course of action to take. You may have come across both Gorilla Ladders and Werner Ladders in your search for the ideal setup – but on the whole, which brand offers the most reliable choice?

Generally, there’s not too much to tell between the two brands. In the battle between Gorilla Ladders vs Werner Ladders, we found the match-up to be a draw. This is largely thanks to the fact that they have their own separate strengths for different types of project – and the best option for you will depend mainly on your precise needs and wants.

However, to find out how we came to this decision, keep reading our complete match-up below – where we will compare either manufacturer to see which ladder range comes out on top in which areas.


All About Gorilla Ladders

If you have already looked around the web for affordable ladders in the past, there’s a good chance you have come across Gorilla Ladders before. While it may not exactly be a household name as far as Werner or Little Giant may be, Gorilla Ladders is quickly becoming a go-to choice for flexible ladder technology that’s available at a very economical price.

There are some concerns that Gorilla Ladders may not be as feature-rich as some other systems and brands on the market. However, that doesn’t mean their lines are flimsy or even incapable of doing the jobs you need them to. Gorilla is already proving itself to be a great brand with plenty of happy reviews, and they have plastic ladders, aluminum and steel models available for you to choose from – with ladders scaling up in size as opposed to multiple different types.

All About Werner

Werner is a well-known, well-regarded ladder brand and tool manufacturing company that’s impressed American renovators and home improvement experts for years. In fact, Werner Co outright refers to itself as a world leader in their supply niche, and once you’ve used one of their ladders, it is pretty hard to disagree.

Where Werner shines most of all is in the design of their safe and robust ladder systems. They are often regarded by experts as some of the most secure and reliable ladders on the market right now, and this is helped all the more by the brand’s innovative Performance System. The Werner Co team is said to perform rigorous testing on their safety equipment and ladder ranges to an extensive degree, which altogether lends to their meticulous guarantee of quality.

Werner ladders have multiple working positions and arrive in a vast range of sizes and standards – perhaps too many to run through one by one here. However, we will take a look at what Werner has to offer overall, especially when compared to Gorilla Ladders in our match-up.

Gorilla Ladders vs Werner: How Do They Measure Up?

On the face of things, Werner and Gorilla may be two ladder brands that are quite difficult to tell the difference between. However, both brands have their strengths and their weaknesses (though neither are particularly weak as far as a value standpoint is concerned). Let’s take a look at both brands in a handful of categories.

Choice and Range

Werner Co’s range of ladders run a large gamut, from step and extension to some of the best ladders you can use on roofing. Their extensive website and online catalog gives you a good angle on how you can fine-tune your perfect ladder to your precise needs and safety requirements. It’s also clear that Werner produces and sells ladders not purely for home and DIY use, but also for commercial and industrial projects, too.

Gorilla Ladders’ range tends to be a little simpler, though this is not necessarily a bad thing. You’ll generally find that Gorilla offers ladders in terms of size increments, which can help to make shopping around a little simpler. You will find different ladders of varying types and styles available through Gorilla, meaning that if you feel you need a platform over a multi-position system, there is the option.

That said, if you do have a precise need in terms of reach, flexibility and safety, it perhaps makes sense to shop with Werner.

There are certainly pros and cons to either manufacturer in this regard, but we have to lead with Werner for the sheer array of products available from the company at this time.

Winner: Werner


Werner Co’s ladders are well-known for being well worth the price you pay, and for the fact that you receive a long-lasting, durable ladder that will likely stand the test of time. You do also receive this with Gorilla Ladders to a perhaps surprising extent – however, it is clear from the outset that Gorilla leans more towards the budget end of the ladder market.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Gorilla Ladders are perhaps more accessible as they are so simple in terms of pricing and choice. What’s more, there are more than a few reviews from verified buyers who can confirm that a Gorilla Ladder is exceptionally good value for what you receive.

It’s a good idea to budget ahead as far as you can when ladder costs are concerned. However, do also remember that a ladder is an investment – and the more you invest now, the more you are likely going to get out of it in the long run.

All things considered, a Werner ladder is a solid investment if you are likely to need a professional grade system for many years ahead. Therefore, this is another difficult match-up to call – but on the basis of pure pricing, Gorilla Ladders win this stage.

Winner: Gorilla Ladders


Werner ladders are meticulously designed and tested to an extensive degree, perhaps more so than many other brands. Therefore, you can likely rest assured that you are going to get more reliability and years of use from a Werner ladder than most. However, that is not to say that they are infallible, and of course, you must always take care with any ladder, no matter where you are.

Werner ladders have that extra assurance behind them that does put them ahead of Gorilla to a degree. The main selling point of Werner Co technology is that it is leading the way in terms of safety and stability, so if this is more a concern for you over flexibility and pricing, then Werner is absolutely the winner in this category.

All considered, Gorilla Ladders do still benefit from locking systems that allow you to continue using their products for all manner of jobs at height and in tricky or difficult situations. You can also rely on anti-slip gripping for added safety. However, with safety being the primary focus on Werner Co technology, it’s their ladders that take this round.

Winner: Werner

Flexibility and Convenience

Gorilla Ladders tend to be some of the most flexible and convenient options on the market, and this tends to be where their selling point lies. While companies such as Werner Co may offer more choice in terms of fine-tuning the type and style of ladder you need, Gorilla ladders are by and large great for many different types of job.

Gorilla Ladders tend to be more versatile than most, though that does not always mean they are weaker than the mainstream. A Gorilla Ladder is generally regarded as one that you can quickly store away and set up again without any kind of hassle. Werner ladders are, of course, just as flexible in their own way, but it is Gorilla that generally leads on convenience, style, and overall versatility.

Generally speaking, there isn’t too much to tell between either brand in this regard – though we will hand it to Gorilla, purely based on versatility being its main target.

Winner: Gorilla Ladders

Who Wins: Gorilla Ladders or Werner?

When comparing Gorilla Ladders and those manufactured by Werner Co, it is not always so easy to measure the difference. Both offer exceptionally safe, stable and durable ladder options that will support you immensely at home and in the workshop.

However, there are some marketing differences between the two brands which should give you some indication of what to expect. A Werner ladder is an investment in high quality and impeccable safety standards, and is therefore likely to be a popular choice with professional users. A Gorilla brand ladder, however, is a cheaper alternative that happens to offer more than budget appeal alone. These ladders are truly exceptional for the price you pay, though many people are willing to pay more for the sake of Werner’s seal of approval.

Therefore, we have to say that there is no clear winner between Werner and Gorilla. Both offer very different types of ladder technology and will likely appeal to very different audiences. It’s going to be a good idea, that considered, to look at individual ladders and options available from either brand, and to choose the best ladder option that works for your way of working. As always, do always make sure to calculate the right height of ladder for your jobs, too.

Werner may cost more, but you are investing in safety – and Gorilla Ladders may cost less, but that doesn’t mean you don’t receive top quality manufacturing or safety standards!