Why Does My Nail Gun Shoot Two Nails?

It’s pretty reasonable to expect that our nail guns should – well – be shooting nails one at a time! However, there’s a couple of reasons why double nail shooting can occur. Why does my nail gun shoot two nails, you may ask – and is it a big problem?

A nail gun shooting two nails at once can be dangerous, though there’s no need to panic. One reason for your nail gun shooting two nails at once may be that the bounce of the pressure-foot safety is not working properly. This can be due to the fact that the air pressure on the nail gun is too low, which in many cases can simply be fixed by altering said pressure.

However, it could also be shooting two nails due to the fact that you do not have the correct gauges of nails for the gun or due to an underlying issue that needs investigation. Do you know which gauge nailer to use? Regardless, if your gun is shooting two nails at once, it’s time to get it checked out – keep reading and we’ll take you through what happens next.


Why is it dangerous for my nail gun to shoot two nails? 

In short, if your nail gun’s shooting two nails at once, there’s a problem in the mechanism somewhere that needs to be fixed. It’s simply not safe or fit for use until you get it checked out.

If your nail gun shoots two nails out, the second, unexpected nail could easily bounce off of the first (already in your board, molding, wall, etc) and ricochet off, potentially hitting you, anyone in the vicinity, or breaking something sensitive close by. Ultimately, double the nails means you don’t have full control of your gun, and if you ever notice this happening, you need to switch it off for inspection.

However, ideally, you should never adjust the nail gun yourself unless you are a trained professional. You should also never adjust a nail gun unless it is unplugged from the power source or disconnected from the air compressor. Always follow what the manual, and your manufacturer, suggest. This way, you can be sure you’re taking the safest action.

How do I stop my nail gun from shooting two nails? 

As mentioned, a leading reason for double the nails firing is that the pressure safety isn’t working as expected. In which case, simply lowering the pressure in your nail gun could stop it from shooting two nails at once. 

The act of double-firing nails is commonly referred to as a double kiss. A double kiss can occur when there’s not enough air pressure in play – and when the pressure-foot safety engages twice in a row.

Beyond this, another common cause of your nail gun shooting twice in one go is that you simply have the incorrect gauge rating of nails for your tool. Therefore, always make sure to check which gauge of nails you need to load, and which you are currently loading up with. This should be simple enough to look into if you follow your manufacturer’s advice. Again – that manual really does come in handy!

However, before your nail gun can get repaired, it is essential for you to unplug it or disconnect it from the air pressure. This will ensure that your nail gun will not misfire while you are not using it and will better ensure your safety. You should also keep it in its case, away from children and animals, to ensure that no one tampers with the nail gun or the nails themselves, should they be the source of the problem. 

When in doubt, and you feel that the problem lies deeper in the nail gun mechanism itself, you should always have it checked over by a professional. You can take it to your local hardware store for a professional opinion or simply contact the manufacturer for their advice. It may require you to send the nail gun to the manufacturer for repairs, too.

Even if your nail gun is brand new, if you notice that it is shooting two nails at a time, then you should stop using it immediately. Safety first!

It’s unlikely you will need to replace your nail gun outright, however, it is worth keeping an open mind – look after your nail gun properly, and address problems as soon as they arise, and you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Is it common for a nail gun to shoot two nails? 

Although nail guns shooting two nails is a relatively common issue, it by no way means that it is normal. It is an issue that can happen in any kind of nail gun, whether it is a framing nail gun, one of the best roofing nailers on the market, or even a smaller cordless model. 

It usually has nothing to do with the make or model and simply means that your gun needs its pressure adjusted or the nails swapped before you next use it. In which case, power down your nail gun, follow your manual, and go as far as you can before the warranty comes into question.


It can be quite scary when we see out nail guns shooting two nails at once, and it is certainly something that should be taken seriously. The double kiss is a sign that you need to power down and give your tool the once-over.

Nail guns can also develop other faults that you need to look out for, too. For example, did you know that some nail guns stop shooting nails at all when there are blockages and internal problems?

Remember to always unplug and disconnect your nail gun from the air pressure when it is not in use to ensure that it will not misfire. You should also always store it in a cool, dry place, away from children and animals. 

You should be able to get your nail gun fixed up in no time – but remember to hold off using it until you’re sure it’s back working safely again.