Werner vs Gorilla Ladders: Which One is Better?


Whether you are undertaking some home renovations or are setting up as a professional contractor, there are many reasons why investing in a reputable brand of ladder is a good course of action to take. You may have come across both Gorilla Ladders and Werner Ladders in your search for the ideal setup – but […]

Gorilla Ladder vs Little Giant: Which One is Better?


If you’re considering purchasing a new ladder for home DIY projects, or for regular contract work, it makes sense to look for a reputable brand. After all, it is a matter of health and safety – yours, and anyone around you, too. With that in mind, between Gorilla Ladders and Little Giant, which ladder manufacturer […]

Can a Nail Gun Go Through Concrete?


Given that nail guns can make our lives a lot easier by saving on effort, many of us now have them among our other tools as our go-to equipment. However, it is essential to know that different types of nail guns are used for different reasons and different projects. Can a nail gun go through […]

Why Does My Nail Gun Keep Jamming?


When you’re in the middle of a nailing job, one of the most annoying – and dangerous – things that can happen is your nail gun jamming. Suddenly, all work comes to a halt, and you find yourself at a loose end. But why does my nail gun keep jamming? There are a few simple […]

What Size Nails Are Best for Deck Boards?


It can be a lot of fun designing a deck, from the shape to the color to the thickness of the wood. However, building a deck involves more than just your personal preferences. If you want to ensure that your decking will last for as long as possible and be safe to use, then it […]

Can You Use a Nail Gun for Decking?


A nice deck can transform a garden and make it the ideal lounging place for relaxation, al fresco dining, reading, and more. Thankfully, building a deck isn’t too difficult, although it is always best to hire professionals for the initial setup. That said, can you use a nail gun for decking if you want to […]

Can You Use a Regular Nail Gun for Hardwood Floors?


Hardwood floors have grown in popularity over the past few years given their classic yet modern style, natural feel, and that warming element that they can bring to any room. But when it comes to installing and repairing your own flooring – can you use a regular nail gun on hardwood floors? The answer’s complex […]

What Size Nails for MDF Baseboard Work Best?


MDF baseboard, or trim, tends to be a fantastic option for those looking for a wood effect throughout the home. However, many people wonder which nails and screws are likely to work best with this option, and which tools they can ideally use, too. What size nails for MDF baseboard work best? On the whole, […]

Will a Nail Gun Go Through Plaster?


Plaster is fairly common in older properties, and if your home’s showing its age, chances are you’ve seen quite a bit of it across the rooms! However, plaster can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare to work with when you’re nailing or screwing fittings and hangings into place. It has a habit of crumbling […]

Can You Use a Nail Gun on PVC Trim?


Are you keen on using PVC trim as a wood alternative? The great news is, you can use this trim inside and outside the home, and it’s normally very easy to work with and fasten. With that in mind, can you use a nail gun on PVC trim? Yes, it’s perfectly fine to use a […]