The 5 Best Corded Drills for Under $100 [Updated for 2021]

Last Updated on April 6, 2021 by Paul King

If you’re shelling out up to $100 for a corded drill, that means you’re looking for some heavy-duty equipment to finish your remodeling or renovations. In this price tier, corded drills have extra features for stability, power, and effectiveness in longer-lasting projects.

Whether you’re building a new deck, drilling pilot holes in a new frame, drilling through concrete, or doing heavy-duty wood and metalworking, these drills have you covered.

This is a guide to our picks for the best corded drills for home remodeling under $100. While many offer the same basic utility, there are unique features and limitations that we’ll go over to help you make the most informed choice as possible matching your needs to one of these drills.

Right away you’ll notice that this drill packs a punch with its 10-Amp motor, which is tied for the highest power on this list. DeWalt patented this particular motor, however, and guarantees that it generates 1.5 times as much power as other brands of motors that have the same amperage.

In addition to this promise, the DeWalt DWD210G also features advanced overload protection, so you never have to worry about it overheating on you. Its variable speed is adjustable from 0-1200 RPMs. The reverse trigger allows you even more control.

The DeWalt DWD210G is ideal for both wood and steel projects. It can handle 1 ½-inch woodworking bits and 1/2-inch steel bits. The keyed chuck prevents slipping no matter which project you’re tackling.

The pistol grip handle of this drill has a rubber trigger designed to keep your hand comfortable. This is so you can drill for longer without getting fatigued, which is particularly useful on extended woodworking projects. The grip lends extra control to this little powerhouse without adding any weight – the DeWalt DWD210G weighs only 5 pounds, making it a light choice in its power class.

It even features a locking side handle for extra stability on heavier jobs.

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With its intense 10-amp motor, the only thing that could stop the DeWalt DWD210G would be a lack of stability. Thankfully, its molded rubber pistol grip and 360-degree locking side handle offer that stability on even the heaviest metal or woodworking projects. No matter how intense you expect your remodeling work to be, this DeWalt DWD210G should have you covered.

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This is another durable corded drill from DeWalt, with a little less amperage and a few different features. First of all, it spins a lot faster, with variable speed control that goes up to 2500 RPM, which is also reversible. The keyless chuck provides easy tool removal.

The mid-handle grip balances the weight of the drill on the center of the unit, making this model a perfect choice for those who find themselves getting fatigued or uncomfortable using pistol-grip drills for extended periods of time. Your hand rests on the center of the drill rather than the handle to prevent your hand from tiring out.

Two levels strategically placed on the back and top of the DeWalt DWD115K help you coordinate yourself horizontally or vertically.

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This is another DeWalt that delivers on its company’s long-standing promise of quality tools, particularly if you know from past renovation projects that extended drilling with a pistol grip-style drill makes your hand hurt. This mid-handle grip tool is an easily recommendable alternative that sits well below the maximum price range of this list but comes with plenty of amperage for your construction needs, a ton of RPM, and an impressive warranty.

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The VonHaus is tied with the first DeWalt for the most power on the list with its impressive 10-Amp motor. This dual-function heavy-duty drill is ideal for those with specific projects in mind. As a contractor-grade drill and also an impressive mixer, those whose remodeling projects involve both construction and painting or mud work should look no further than the VonHaus.

Its 360-degree rotating handle lets you hold it steady with both hands to avoid fatigue and gain maximum control over more difficult drilling projects. Its handle and chassis are designed so ergonomically that it can be used just as well by right-handed or left-handed DIYers.

Its spade-designed handle is a great help for drilling larger holes but is specially designed for handling a variety of liquids with the VonHaus’ mixing function.

For those with a little more experience who want to put some serious power behind their remodeling projects, the VonHaus 10-Amp corded drill is a fantastic option.

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For more experienced renovators or hobbyists, the VonHaus not only stands on top with its powerful 10-Amp motor but also comes with features none of the other drills have. This includes a mixing function with a spade handle designed for the purpose. For projects that involve both drilling and also painting, mud work, or cement, you can’t beat the VonHaus for versatility and power.

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Hitachi is a name famous in many industries for high-end mechanical systems, including those used in cars and construction equipment. In drills, Hitachi creates powerful, contractor-level tools like this powerful 9-Amp corded drill.

Its outer casing is made of cast aluminum, earning Hitachi tools a reputation for durability on heavier jobs. It gives this corded drill a competitive heat distribution system and a strong defense against physical damage.

The aluminum construction also gives it a lightweight design (it weighs only 4.6 pounds). It has a form-fitting grip that gives you a steady handle free of vibrations, which means it has a reduced chance of fatiguing your hand. The side handle gives you even more stability if you need to use both hands for heavier drilling work.

Gratefully, that 9-Amp motor can handle those heavier jobs. A variable-speed control trigger allows you to fine-tune its action for a more comfortable experience, especially for novice remodelers just getting into DIY projects.

It comes at an impressive price and with a competitive 5-year warranty.

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Despite the high amperage, the Hitachi doesn’t boast the highest RPMs in its class. However, a beginner in renovations and remodeling may find its lightweight aluminum build, sturdy handling, and extra-long warranty appealing. It would be hard for any novice DIYer to go wrong with this model.

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Getting down into the lower amperage ranges, the Metabo HPT corded drill (presented by Hitachi) still offers competitive power options, variable speed control, and sturdy construction.

It runs from 0-2,700 RPMs and weighs impressively little at only 3.2 pounds. This makes it ideal for people with smaller hands or those with less experience holding a heavy drill in place for an extended period of time.

A rubber molded grip for reduced vibration and fatigue, a lock-on feature for working at constant speeds, and a keyless 3/8” chuck for easy tool removal makes the Metabo an all-around good pick. Its compact size makes it ideally suitable for light drilling projects, especially for people with small hands.

Just realize that it won’t go all the way if you’re looking for heavy-duty metalwork on a contractor-grade project.

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The Metabo corded drill is great for novices or those who want to drill one-handed. Its durable shell and form-fitting grip compliment its tiny size and weight. If you find yourself getting easily fatigued on light drilling projects with other models, the Metabo is a lighter replacement with comparable power and torque to other light drills.

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Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things that you should make sure that any corded drill you plan on buying has as a feature. The first is a variable speed control with an intuitive dial. Particularly for beginners, being able to easily change the machine’s rotating speed is a must.

Next is the handle. Depending on your experience, you may want something that grips closer to the body of the drill as opposed to on the handle like a pistol. Regardless, any drill should have a form-fitting rubber grip to save you from fatigue.

Whether the chuck is keyless or keyed makes a difference in how large a bit the drill can handle and how quickly it can be changed out. Knowing the size of the holes you’ll need to drill will inform this decision.

Many heavy-duty drills come with 360-degree rotating side handles for extra stability while drilling. This is useful for novices and professional contractors alike, especially on jobs that require extended drilling at a single speed. For that, you’ll also need a lock-on trigger to lock the speed in place, something which every drill should have.

The Takeaway

The DeWalt 10-Amp electric drill has all of these features at a competitive price. Its form-fitting grip and handle provide an impressive amount of stability and its sturdy construction is industrial-grade. Its 10-Amp motor is top of its line.

When purchasing any corded drill, it’s important to keep your experience level and the needs of your project in mind. Knowing the amount of work you’re going to be doing and on what material will help you choose the tool you need to be shopping for and choose which extra features are essential to you.

Whether you also want a mixer built-in, need a compact model for smaller or less experienced hands, or simply want the most power on the block, there are drills on this list that perfectly suit your remodeling or renovation needs. If you’re facing budget constraints and you want something a bit easier on your wallet, you can also check out our recommendations for the best corded drills under $50.

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