Are Air Scrubbers Worth It?

We all need to breathe in clean air regularly – and thanks to a variety of fantastic HVAC tools, it’s getting easier and easier for us to breathe easily without the need to worry about germs, bacteria, dust and pathogens floating around.

Air scrubbers are brilliant tools that, like air purifiers, will help to remove all kinds of nastiness in the air around us. More than just simple air purification devices, however, air scrubbers work directly through HVAC.

If you’re running a workshop, have set up your own leading air compressors and tools and need to keep the air fresh and safe, an air scrubber might be just the ticket.

Keep reading, and we’ll let you know whether or not we think these systems are worth the money and effort to install.

What are air scrubbers?

Like purifiers, they plug directly into an HVAC or air conditioning system, but they work as a first line of defense against nasty pathogens and microbes before they have the opportunity to get breathed in or do any serious harm. Air scrubbers and air purifiers are, contrary to popular belief, not the same systems!

Some air scrubbers use UV to remove and kill microbes, while many use high-grade HEPA filters. Purifiers can use HEPA too – which is where a lot of the confusion can set in.

These systems are also referred to as negative air fans – and it works by sucking in air in a room and pushing it through its complex UV system or deeper HEPA filtration. Air scrubbers are much like antibacterial wipes and sprays in that they clean deep – but they clean the air, not the surfaces. Air scrubbers have been used in all kinds of circumstances, for example during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How air scrubbers can really help

Air scrubbers do more than just filter air through or let germs and other nasties pass out of the way. They actively work to kill and eliminate germs and microbes on sight, meaning there is absolutely zero chance of anyone breathing them in.

Air scrubbers employ a slightly different type of system to those you’d expect from basic filters and purifiers, therefore, they can sometimes demand a higher cost. However, many users will tell you that they are absolutely worth it – and we’re just about to explain why.

Why should you use an air scrubber?

So – are air scrubbers worth it? The bottom line is, yes – if you really need to remove pollutants and bacteria from the air, then a good air scrubber will work hard for you within just 30 minutes of powering on. In fact, around 90% of all pollutants in your air space will be eliminated within that time. Incredible!

What’s also great about the best air scrubbers is the level of dirt and dust they can remove from the air. They won’t just take harmful dust and spores out of the picture – they will also remove mold and odors that may be clinging to the air. Therefore, they can be a fantastic asset to anyone who may be suffering from allergies.

Of course, as mentioned, air scrubbers have come in very handy following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we’ve learned more about the airborne disease and how it spreads, air scrubbers have become an invaluable asset in our helping to reduce the number of cases building at any given time.

You also need to consider the benefits of using an air scrubber in your workplace, too. Harmful dust can settle in your lungs and create scar tissue over long periods of breathing in – and a highly powerful HVAC system with an air scrubber attached will help to make these scenarios that little bit safer.

Air scrubbers are said to help remove up to 99% of all foreign pollutants in the air, making them fantastic resources for anyone at risk of developing certain diseases or conditions purely based on what may be carried on the air.

It’s also thought that using an air scrubber can enhance the performance and longevity of your existing HVAC system, too. Therefore, if you have the money available, it may just be a viable investment.

Air scrubber costs

The average air scrubber is likely to cost up to $2,000 on average. However, there are more than a few variables in the price that could see this price tag go in either direction. For instance, if you have a large home or need your air scrubber to clean the air in multiple rooms, you may need to pay extra for extensive labor costs or for a more intricate layout.

Of course, there is also the matter of energy costs over time, too. Therefore, before settling on whether or not you’d like an air scrubber, do make a point to ask your installer about the energy costs over time.


Air scrubbers can be costly to install, however, in many cases, they have more than proven to be worth the investment. Air scrubbers actively remove and destroy harmful pathogens far and wide, with studies backing up their prowess. Therefore, if you are considering investing in such a system, now might be the time to take full advantage!