The 6 Best Nail Guns for Baseboards [Updated July 2020]


Baseboards require a special touch. Baseboards typically involve small pieces of wood so they need to be joined together very particularly. That is why most people need the right nail gun for the job. Nail guns for baseboards tend to be small and compact. They typically use higher-gauge nails and are really good at putting […]

The 5 Best Roofing Nailers [Updated July 2020]


Roofing projects are a special job that requires very specific equipment. One necessary piece of equipment is a roofing nailer. Roofing nailers are heavy-duty machines capable of driving the deep nails that you need to keep roofing tiles attached. Unless you are a roofing professional or hobbyist, you likely won’t have a suitable roofing nailer […]

The 5 Best Nail Guns for Crown Molding [Updated July 2020]


Construction is a precise job and requires specific tools. Without the right tools, there are some projects you can’t even get started on. Installing crown moldings can be a precise job and so require similarly suited tools. If you are uneducated about such manners, then finding the right nail gun for crown molding installations can […]