The 6 Best Corded Hammer Drills [Updated for 2022]


As a renovation enthusiast, you may have the inclination to up your drilling game with a corded hammer drill, which is a drill designed for double action rotation and hammering. This is essential to drilling into brick and concrete for heavy-duty demolition and remodeling projects. Choosing the best corded hammer drill for your needs requires […]

The 5 Best Cordless Drills Under $50 [Updated for 2022]


For the heaviest drilling jobs, most contractors opt for corded drills for the sheer power of the machines and to avoid the inconvenience of having to charge it. However, you may not be looking for industrial-grade equipment. As someone interested in remodeling or renovating, convenience may be your number one concern, so long as it […]

The 5 Best Corded Drills for Under $100 [Updated for 2022]


If you’re shelling out up to $100 for a corded drill, that means you’re looking for some heavy-duty equipment to finish your remodeling or renovations. In this price tier, corded drills have extra features for stability, power, and effectiveness in longer-lasting projects. Whether you’re building a new deck, drilling pilot holes in a new frame, […]

The 5 Best Corded Drills Under $50 [Updated for 2022]


There are many reasons to choose a corded drill. They have more consistent torque and greater power advantages than their cordless counterparts across the board. For long-term heavy work, corded drills can be purchased for under $50 that have the leg up on cordless models in every aspect except the inconvenience of the actual cord. […]