The 5 Best Nail Guns for Hardie Trim and Siding [Updated for 2022]

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Hardie trim and siding might be an especially effective and durable option for your home, but it also needs specialized tools to make attaching it easier and more effective.

Not every nail gun is going to be able to install Hardie trim and siding. That’s just the truth.

Fortunately, there are several powerful nail gun options that can handle Hardie trim and siding without a problem, and we’ve done the research to find some of the best options on the market. All of these nail guns are great for professionals, but we’ll cover the core features of each nail gun to help you make the right choice for your toolkit.

Bostitch offers a wide range of durable and effective power tools, and this nailer is a good example of their proven design principles at work.

Its pneumatic design is compatible with just about any air compressor on the market, which means that you won’t need to get a different air compressor to handle this particular nailer. The air tank in the nailer itself also makes rapid-fire nailing possible.

That’s a huge pro for professionals who want to move quickly when they are working on a large siding project.

But the nailing tip is also incredibly precise, which makes it a good option for applying trim as well.

This design is also gentle enough to work with softer and less tricky materials, which means it’s a lot more versatile as a nailer. The soft firing tip on this nailer is suitable for even softwood placement and fastening.

The nailer is compatible with both wire-weld and plastic-inserted coil nails in lengths ranging from 1.25”-2.5”. That gives you a relatively wide range of nails to choose from, increasing the versatility of the nailer and making it a better option for both professionals and hobbyist DIYers.

Aluminum housing and components are also a good choice in this model. The nailer is relatively lightweight which makes it significantly easier to use and maneuver. The aluminum itself is also incredibly hard-wearing and durable. Both features add to the overall effectiveness of this nail gun as well as making it one of the best nail guns for Hardie trim and siding.



Our Verdict

This nail gun has the power and precision you need to work with Hardie trim and siding products, while also offering wide compatibility and versatility to work with other materials as well. Its lightweight design helps make this nail gun easy to use, but it’s durable and heavy enough to minimize kickback and keep you in control.

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Metabo’s HPT Finish Nailer is an impressive model in the 16-gauge nail gun range. Despite the smaller gauge of the nails, this system provides strong firing and a versatile design that helps it work well for a wide variety of projects.

It’s strong enough to work well with Hardie siding and trim, and its precise firing mechanism helps prevent splitting and material damage while you’re working.

The integrated air dusting system might be less important when you’re working with Hardie trims and siding, but it’s still a nice addition to the nail gun overall.

The tool-free depth adjustment system, on the other hand, will come in useful in pretty much every project. You’ll be able to quickly decide what depth of drive you want with the tool, and you’ll be able to adjust on the fly while you’re working.

It’s also nice that this tool has a fully adjustable exhaust port. That means you won’t have to deal with the pressurized air escaping your nailer going directly in your face. Even when you’re working in small, confined spaces or at strange angles, you’ll be able to move the exhaust port to a more convenient direction.

Since Metabo’s nailer weighs less than 4lbs it’s also the ultimate in lightweight power tools. The design is incredibly efficient but doesn’t suffer from high kickback thanks to the effective exhaust port.

The smaller 16-gauge design is also good for fine finishing work, which makes this model one of the better versatile options out there. It can handle big jobs like siding and then switch to finishing cabinets and installing crown molding an hour later.



Our Verdict

This incredibly lightweight design is a good option for professionals who are tired of working with heavy tools all the time. It’s finishing nailer gauge is relatively easy to work with and more powerful than average. That makes it a great option for Hardie siding and trim projects while also being versatile enough for interior finishing work or building furniture at the same time 

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Another 16-gauge finishing nailer with some additional punch, this Makita model is a good option if you’re looking for a relatively versatile design that still has the power and precision most professionals prefer for Hardie trim and siding.

As a straight-line finishing nailer, it’s a good design for working with delicate materials, but also powerful enough to securely fasten Hardie siding and trim.

A lot of that power comes directly from the efficient motor design. Motor efficiency is critical for power because it controls how much tool efficiency you get for the power you give the tool.

This design is also incredibly easy to use thanks to the separate mode triggers. You can use whichever firing mode is most effective for the job at hand simply by switching which trigger you’re using. The ergonomic design also makes switching between triggers significantly easier than many dual-trigger nail gun models.

It’s also nice to see a nail gun that comes with some of the maintenance equipment you need (pneumatic nail gun oil), as well as some of the safety equipment you need (a set of safety glasses).

In addition to the other functional features, this design is built around magnesium components that make it lighter and more durable. The directional exhaust port also makes it easier to use this nail gun in a wider variety of situations.

Housing bumpers on the nail gun also make it easier to use this nail gun with more delicate materials, which is why it works so well as both a trim and siding nailer and as a finishing nailer.



Our Verdict

This finishing nailer is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s a little more versatile and designed for a lot of different kinds of projects. It’s powerful and precise enough for Hardie trim and siding, while also being delicate enough for more fragile materials.

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This design is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s a little more durable and heavy-duty and that has the precision you need for an effective Hardie trim or siding job. It’s compatible with a larger gauge of nails than many nail guns on this list.

This nail gun is designed to be compatible with 13-14-gauge nails in lengths between 1.25”-2.5”. It’s compatible with both coil siding nails and plastic collated nails. It does take a slight setting change to move between different kinds of nails, but changing the setting is easier on this nail gun than on many power tool alternatives.

The side-loading design is also a little more compact than the vertical bottom loading designs. That makes it easier to work in tight locations. This design also helps prevent loading issues and jamming that can be common with other loading designs. It’s also got a relatively high-capacity magazine which makes it easier to keep working longer. The transparent bucket makes it relatively easy to tell when you need to load more nails into the nail gun.

A combination of die-cast magnesium and aluminum parts makes it incredibly durable and also makes it relatively lightweight. Both the magnesium and aluminum parts are long-lasting and make this nail gun one of the more reliable options on the market.

However, this nail gun does need a few additional accessories like the connection points to your air compressor before it’ll work.



Our Verdict

This heavy-duty nailer is a great option for big projects and for times when you want to work with several different gauges of nails with a single tool. It’s compatibility with two different nails and a wide range of nail lengths makes this design incredibly versatile for different kinds of jobs. It’s a great heavy-duty nailer for professionals.

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This Metabo design is another side-loading nail gun that works well in a wide variety of situations. The side-loading nailer offers highly reliable performance and helps to keep the nailer a little more compact and effective.

It also has a selective actuation switch that allows you to switch easily between sequential and contact nailing. The switch gives you a little more control than single-trigger nail guns with a tip-sensitive mechanism to switch modes, but it’s also a little more cumbersome than dual-trigger nail guns. However, it is a good medium for professionals who haven’t been entirely happy with either mode switching mechanism in the past.

The no-mar nose cap is both effective and durable, which is an important combination. Too many no-mar tips aren’t very durable and need frequent replacement. This set doesn’t tend to need the same kind of frequent replacement, but it’s just as effective.

This system doesn’t have a mobile exhaust port, but it does have an effective deflector system that gives you almost as much control over the final direction of the exhaust.

An effective plastic shield over the tip of the nail gun also increases the safety of this tool, especially when you’re using wire collated nails.



Our Verdict

This slightly heavier design is a good option if you’re looking for a reasonably durable and heavy-duty nailer that’s going to work in a wide range of circumstances and for a lot of projects. Its ergonomic design is easy to use, and the fast-firing system is perfect for experienced professionals.

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Hardie Trim Nailer Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve talked about the best nail guns for Hardie trim and siding, let’s talk about the features that make a great nail gun.

What Gauge is the Best Option?

For Hardie trim and siding a lot of professionals want to find the exact right gauge of nail gun for the product. Unfortunately, there isn’t any such thing as the perfect gauge for Hardie products. Professionals use nail guns ranging from 13-16 gauge, and even larger and smaller options.

For heavy-duty projects and places where the siding is likely to be under more stress, you might want a smaller gauge (read: larger nail) nail gun.

For more decorative trim work and siding that is less likely to experience a lot of stressors, smaller nails and even 16-gauge finishing nailers might be a good option.

Side Loading Vs Vertical Loading?

Most nail guns are vertical loading, but there are more and more sideloading options available as better firing mechanisms are designed. It’s largely a matter of personal preference which magazine type you decide to get, but it’s worth noting that side-loading models tend to be smaller but also slightly more prone to jamming and loading errors.

Is Lightweight Really Better?

A lot of power tools are designed to be as lightweight as possible, but lightweight can also mean low durability in some cases.

When it comes to nail guns a lightweight design really is important for reducing hand, arm, and shoulder fatigue. That doesn’t mean that you should settle for bad materials in a lightweight design.

Look for nail guns that use a lot of aluminum and magnesium components, and that have a lot of their weight invested in the motor on the tool. Aluminum and magnesium both offer incredibly high durability for the weight of the materials, which means that you’ll get a more durable tool without a ton of extra weight.

Depth Adjustment

Toolless depth adjustment is relatively standard on nail guns these days, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for this feature when you’re considering a nail gun. It’s incredibly important for professionals and DIYers alike to have easy depth adjustment while you’re working.

Needing to keep a specialized tool to adjust the depth of fire is a recipe for losing the tool and not being able to make effective adjustments when you need them.

Safety Lock

Every nail gun should have an effective safety lock system. After all, a nail gun is a relatively dangerous tool, especially when you accidentally fire without having the tip of the nail gun right against your project materials.

Look for a system that’s secure and easy to use but that is also relatively easy to switch off. Something as simple as a nail gun that senses pressure against the firing tip can make a huge difference in the overall safety of the tool.

Bump Fire

At some point, you’re going to need to be able to continuously fire nails as soon as you get the nail gun in place. Bump fire systems make it easier to fire nails in close succession, with some systems supporting firing as many as 3 nails in a second or less.

This feature is most important for professionals, but it’s also a good thing for experienced DIYers who are comfortable using the tool.

The Takeaway

Overall, even though we’re confident in the performance and durability of every nail gun on this list, the BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer, 1-1-1/4-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch (N66C) is the best professional option. It’s combination of effective features and durable ergonomic design make it a great option for professionals and DIYers alike. It’s good warranty and wide range of compatibility also make this tool a little more versatile than most.

This nail gun also has the power and precision you need for Hardie trim and siding, which was critical for this list. We were looking for a tool that works in other situations, but that would really shine when working with Hardie products. The Bostitch Coil Siding Nailer is exactly that.

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