The 5 Best Cordless Drills Under $100 [Updated for 2021]

Last Updated on January 7, 2021 by Paul King

Buying a cordless drill is a calculated decision. It means you’re trading the raw power of a corded drill’s motor for convenience, accessibility, and variety.

Cordless drills are often designed with household jobs in mind. Instead of aiming for contractor-grade strength, they give a variety of home renovation and remodeling tasks the right multipurpose drill/driver for the job.

If you’re looking for a drilling tool with versatility and portability without sacrificing a sturdy construction, verifiable brand, or function, look no further than these models.

Here is a short guide to our picks for the best cordless drills under $100 available to buy in 2020.

Black & Decker is the number one name in drilling technology and has been making everyone from contractors to homemakers satisfied with their tool options for over a century. It only makes sense to start with this cordless drill, which is a powerhouse in its size range and costs significantly less than the most expensive option on our list.

The 20V cordless drill represents a versatile value package for any home renovator or homemaker with its 30-piece accessory kit that enables you to tackle a variety of tasks around the house. The included bits feature a wide range of functions and allow you to accomplish anything from fixing a door hinge to drilling wooden frames in your garden on the side of the house.

A high-quality lithium-ion battery guarantees that you’ll have as much time with the drill as possible while charging time has been significantly reduced since previous models. This drill holds its charge for 18 months, so you never have to worry about having it on hand when you need it.

A 24-position clutch gives you a range of control over drilling functions that allow you to get any task done, no matter where you’ll be drilling. This includes reaching up into wall spaces, down beneath your house, in your attic, or awkwardly inside your kitchen cabinets. With no cords and a versatile clutch, you’ll be able to maintain control and get the job done with this drill.

At only 3 pounds in weight, its compact construction gives you a full range of control, even when using this model one-handed. A form-fitting rubber handle provides maximum comfort and relief from fatigue on extended drilling projects.

Reaching up to 750 RPMs, this drill is suitable for light to medium drilling tasks on metals, wood, and plastic.

Why we like it

  • 20V power capacity
  • Manageable weight accentuates the compact design
  • 24-position clutch
  • Comfortable, form-fitting grip
  • 18-month battery life
  • Versatile 30-piece accessory kit included

Our Verdict

Black & Decker services both novice and professional renovators with quality tools and this 20V cordless drill is no exception. Having the best value for the price, it has an impressive battery life, acceptable speed, and sturdy, compact design. Whether you’re drilling in towel racks or doing light metalworking in the garage, this is a portable powerhouse for your basic drilling needs.

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Another powerhouse in cordless drills in this price range, this 20V model by DeWalt features a 300 UWO motor that puts out a good amount of hefty drilling, no matter what project you’re tackling.

This drill features a high-speed transmission that provides two distinct speed modes: one is between 0 and 450 RPMs and the other goes up to 1,500. This means that it’s more intense and versatile in drilling, fastening, and construction functions than most drills in its class.

At the high speed mode, the DeWalt cordless drill/driver is powerful enough to match corded alternatives and will give you the extra heft in power you need as a more experienced home renovator or contractor. This drill is fit not only for small tasks around the house or in the garden but also for mid-heavy wood and metalworking crafts, as well as deckbuilding and frame-building work.

Despite this impressive output, the DeWalt remains one of the lighter models on the list, weighing just 3.6 pounds. This goes along with its ergonomic design, complete with a form-fitting rubber grip that keeps the tension of drilling from going into your hand and causing pain or fatigue. This means that you get all the bonuses of the maneuverability of a small drill without the hassle of being in pain from drilling too long with one hand.

This drill is at the upper range of the price for this list, but for that, it comes with some conveniences. First is an LED light built above the trigger that allows you to illuminate cramped spaces where you might be using this cordless drill for its full advantages in control and maneuverability. It helps if you can also see what you’re doing.

It also comes with a carrying bag and a couple of extra batteries that can be charged while you’re working with the drill so you’re never stuck without a working power source.

This drill is sturdy and functional enough for a professional who is happy to sacrifice power for the versatility of a great DIY tool. It’s also perfect for novices who don’t need something strong enough for construction jobs but are happy remodeling and redecorating their home with a tool that has enough power for a perfect amount of coverage for any conceivable DIY project.

Why we like it

  • Comes with multiple 20V batteries
  • 2 speed options bump against the threshold of more powerful, contractor-grade drills
  • Impressively low weight
  • Comfortable grip
  • LED light attachment
  • Carrying bag included

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a drill to help you with crafts or DIY hobbies, this DeWalt has you covered with its versatile speed options, superior control, and comfort. It leads the pack in power, though it doesn’t come with as many add-ons. If you don’t mind maxing out this price range, this tool is suitable for most drilling or driving needs you may have around the house.

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This is a powerful option in this price range, with a motor that gives you 280 in. lbs. of torque. This driller/driver from KIMO is an incredibly versatile tool.

First is its 18+1 clutch, giving you sturdy, reliable control over your drilling position. Next is it has 2 variable speeds, from 0 to 350 RPMs and from 0 to 1350 RPMs, making the KIMO a powerhouse in its price range. From auto repairs to DIY crafts, one of those options will get you the power you need.

It’s not the lightest model on the list (it weighs 5.5. lbs.), but that’s what you get for its multifunctional options. It’s still more than light enough to drill one-handed, even for novice DIYers, and like most on this list, its rubber-fitted grip prevents vibrations from giving you hand fatigue while working.

It has two major modes (drilling and driving) so you can be sure that home renovations and handcrafts alike will be able to take advantage of its multifunctionality.

KIMO boasts about its 1,000-charging cycle test that ensures its batteries are lighter and longer-lasting than comparable voltages in other models. This combined with its compact design makes it an easy sell.

If that wasn’t enough, the KIMO comes packaged with an impressive 48-piece accessory set that includes everything from different drill bits and a flexible shaft, to three drill brushes for buffing or de-staining work you may want to do. It all comes in a convenient carrying bag.

Why we like it

  • Versatile clutch, top of its class
  • Fast-charging battery
  • Impressive 48-piece accessory set, including drill brushes
  • 2 speed modes for maximum power and versatility
  • Impressive torque

Our Verdict

The KIMO is not the lightest or cheapest model but it packs a punch in terms of power and versatility. Its 2 speed and drilling modes give you a ton of options, even if you’re looking for a little more heavy-duty drilling work around the house. With its huge accessory kit and incredible versatility, any home remodeler could get a lot of use out of KIMO’s cordless model.

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This is another compact option from Black & Decker, boasting the same 20V battery and many of the same features at an even lower price.

It’s not as compact as some other options on this list, weighing 6.45 pounds. This is still manageable, however, for one handed operation during an extended period in tight crawl spaces or awkward corners.

Its 11-position clutch is designed to give you added control over the drilling angle, which is convenient since most customers are going to want this compact drill for strange positions, above your head, at the back of a cabinet, or beneath the house. Those 11 options will allow you to drill screws in inconvenient places without worrying about stripping them.

This compact design doesn’t sacrifice power, though: at a range of 0 to 650 RPMs and a maximum torque of 115 in./lb., this drill has enough power to take care of light drilling needs around the house or even out in the garage for some mid-level woodworking.

Like the other Black & Decker models, its lithium-ion battery charges in 3 hours and lasts for about 18 months, ensuring that you’ll have this handy even if it’s been a while since you last worked.

For those looking for comfort, this drill has a particularly soft rubber handle that helps you get a grip while using it and prevents your hand from getting tired. All these options in addition to its added LED light attachment make this compact drill a great option for those that need a handy tool around the house or on light remodeling jobs at a discount price.

Why we like it

  • Long-lasting battery charge
  • Convenient LED light attachment
  • 11-position clutch prevents stripping
  • Compact design, despite being on the heavy side
  • Impressive torque and stability
  • Intuitive variable speed control

Our Verdict

This Black & Decker tool may be small but it packs a modest punch at 650 RPMs, which is plenty for any normal housekeeping work like hanging up towel racks and fixing cabinets. It has enough energy to be a small go-to tool in the garage as well for light metal and woodworking projects. Novices looking for a little more power in their household drilling tasks may do well to consider the Black & Decker LDX120C as their solution.

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This cordless drill from Avid Power is also extremely affordable and worth the price tag compared to other more expensive options. Like the Black & Decker models, this one has a powerful 20V lithium-ion battery. However, this one comes with added conveniences.

The main feature of the battery is its multifunctional capability, which allows it to be charged by USB chargers. This means that it’s compatible with your smartphone with real-time power updates and easy charging.

Its clutch is also particularly versatile, able to change to 15+1 positions for added control in tight spaces, preventing the possibility of stripping screws when you’re awkwardly trying to reach around a door, into the back of a cabinet, or into a tight attic space.

To add to this convenience, this Avid Power drill has a flexible shaft that gives a little when you’re trying to fit the head into a tight space, further reducing the possibility of stripping and slipping.

It has variable speed up to 550 RPM and also includes an electric brake that gives you even more precise control over your project. Its rubber-coated grip is form-fitted for comfort and features Avid Power’s ergonomic design, built to prevent fatigue from one handed drilling.

Best of all, this compact drill clocks in at an extremely light weight of 2.2 pounds, making it an even more versatile tool for novices that aren’t used to holding a drill for a long time. Whether you’re doing drywall in a remodeling project or need some help with wood or metal fabrication work, this drill from Avid Power is a sturdy, multi-purpose option that even comes with a 10-piece drill bit set to get you started.

Why we like it

  • Boasts even more clutch positions for added versatility
  • Comfortable rubber grip handle
  • Tiny weight to compliment the compact design
  • Multifunction battery that’s smartphone compatible
  • 10-piece drill bit set for novices
  • Low price

Our Verdict

This 20V cordless drill from Avid Power gives you a compact, multipurpose drilling tool at an affordable price. It’s so light that even novice homemakers or new DIYers should have no trouble using its versatile clutch and speed options for variable but reliable control. Any conceivable light drilling project in drywall, metal plates, wood, or plastics would do well with the Avid Power cordless drill.

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How to use a cordless drill

The best thing about a cordless drill is its versatility. Since you can take these drills up ladders with you and into attics or down into crawlspaces beneath the house, pretty much any home remodeling task could benefit from a cordless drill.

You can use it lightly to hang something on your wall or find a model with more power to help you with a DIY deck building project.

You want to make sure the drill stays charged even when not in use (most models boast that the battery will retain power for over a year) so that it’s ready to go when you need it. Many come with convenient carrying bags to hold the drill, charger, and accessories. If it doesn’t come with one, consider getting one yourself since, unlike a corded drill, cordless models need several pieces to work.

Learn to use the variable speed control and different modes to get a DIY experience that’s convenient for you. Familiarize yourself with the reverse switch so you can take screws out as well as put them in.

Buyer’s guide

When buying a cordless drill, there are a few things that all your choices should have. One is a multi-position chuck that gives you a full range of drilling motion. Another is a form-fitting rubber grip that keeps your hand from tiring out.

Aim for a 12-20V battery that’s been tested for longevity, torque over 100 in,/lbs., and a suitable amount of RPMs. Depending on your needs, the max RPMs to look for should be 400-1000 for light drilling tasks.

Conveniences like accessory kits, tool bags, LED light attachments, and extra batteries should be weighed into consideration when you’re comparing the prices of different models.

The Takeaway

Cordless drills are built for convenience. Finding the best cordless drill under $100 means that you’re trading raw power for functionality. Many on this list, including the incredible Black & Decker 20V LD120VA Drill with accessories have it all.

For sturdy construction, compact design, and enough power to tackle pretty much any DIY project you’ve got going, you can’t go wrong with Black & Decker.

Unbeatable control and tons of accessories make it our top pick, but any drill on this list will do you well, so long as you think about your needs as a home renovator and compare the drill’s features to match them.

If you’re looking for something more affordable you should check out our recommendations for the best cordless drills under $50.

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